Veterinary Center iN Sant Cugat del Vallès

Veterinos Veterinary Center

Global care for your pet

Veterinos is the veterinary hospital with a longer schedule in Sant Cugat, from 8:00 to 21:00 h from Monday to Saturday, except Sunday and holidays. We are in Sant Cugat, and we have a great team of professionals devoted to the attention and care of your pets.


Our vocation is to look over the well-being of small animals globally, paying attention both to their physical and psychological health, so they can enjoy a quality life with their families.


We love animals, and for that reason we are determined to offer them the best possible care at all times, from the day they arrive to their new home, or while they wait to be adopted.

Have you been given a pet, or acquired one for the first time?

We advise you on how take care and enjoy them fully.

Does your cat or dog behave badly, or do odd things?

We teach you how to educate them, and correct inadequate behaviors.

Are you concerned about how to keep it in good health?

We help you figure out what’s the most suitable food and lifestyle for your pet, and prevent common diseases with the vaccines and wormings they need.

Is your pet dispirited, whining, not eating …?

We will see what’s wrong and diagnose them accurately with the most advanced technology.

Is your pet sick? 

We train day by day to offer the best treatments, and reduce their physical and emotional suffering as much as possible.

Is your pet receiving treatment, recently operated, or very old?

We supervise their evolution, with programmed reviews and follow-up phone calls.

You don't remember when is the next vaccination due, or when you have a consultation scheduled?

We can text you a reminder, so you don’t miss it.

We are at your disposal, Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 to 21:00 h.

We are located at the entrance of Sant Cugat and we have a parking zone available for our clients and patients.

Descubre nuestra pasión por los animales y cómo nuestro equipo dedicado se esfuerza por brindar la mejor atención veterinaria.