Veterinos cooperates with non lucrative organizations, with your aid

Veterinos Veterinary Center has granted support in the past to social initiatives addressed to children. In this line, since 2016 we manage projects for TEVICAN, a support organization for the children of abused women. Veterinos cooperates as well, on a daily basis, with several animal defense organizations, offering them veterinary services under prime cost. The income we obtain from our regular activity allows us to provide the necessary care to pets sheltered by El Cau Amic, La ciutat dels Gats, ProGolden, and SOS Galgos. As part of this collaboration, we act often as a halfway center for abandoned animals, or pets in the process of adoption.

TEVICAN, Animal Assisted Therapy for Minors Witnesses of Domestic Abuse

TEVICAN is an initiative of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu’s Mental Health Service, and the Center of Dog Assisted Therapies (CTAC), with the support of Veterinos, to facilitate the therapeutic treatment of minors who have witnessed abuse at home. The sociable nature of dogs helps children and young adults break barriers, and communicate with responsible adults. The first program is being implanted successfully at the Children’s Mental Health Center of Cornellà, Barcelona. You can help TEVICAN grow by making a donation.

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El Cau Amic

The animal shelter El Cau Amic is a non profit organization that takes in cats and dogs abandoned in the municipality of Sant Cugat. Their team of volunteers works since 1996 to take care of the animals sheltered in the refuge, and find them a new family. You can cooperate with them by volunteering for different tasks, or making a donation.

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La Ciutat dels Gats

La Ciutat dels Gats is a protectionist organization specialized in cats, founded in 1995 by Maria Rosa Borrell, Dr. Teresa Castell and Lluís Vidal, as founding partners. This entity has been decisive in its actions, rescues, colonies performance, refugee management and always applying, in the case of street cats, the three magic words to tackle the problem: capture, sterilization and return.



ProGolden is a non profit dog defense organization in the area of Barcelona. Since 2011, a group of volunteers take in abandoned dogs, seek temporary foster homes for them, and carry out their supervision until they find an adoptive family. You can cooperate with them by fostering a dog, or making a donation.

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SOS Galgos

SOS Galgos is a non profit animal organization located in Esplugues de Llobregat. They have worked since 2000 in the recovery of mistreated and/or abandoned greyhounds. Either at their shelter or in foster homes, they provide the care and affection these dogs need to overcome past experiences. You can cooperate with them by fostering a greyhound, or making a donation.


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